Quirky Fabric Bookmarks

I often sit at my craft table thinking of what to make...going through my craft books for inspiration...then going to the kitchen for a snack...then back to my craft table to think again...then to the family room to watch tv...It's a process.  And maybe on a lucky day, I'd actually come up with something that I like doing.  The funny thing is that I find ideas come a lot easier when I'm not thinking...go figure.

One day I started to make these fabric bookmarks.  And I just loved making them...I think it's the same one would feel when making a softie or amigurumi.  The little ones come to life and have personalities of their own.  These sweeties make me smile. 

We recently were on a trip to VEGAS.  And as usual, I brought a book along to read on the plane (The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami...very good reading).  My bookmark? A NAPKIN.  My husband looked at it and asked what happened to your bookmarks? Ah, excuse me but those are for my etsy shop and sadly not for me. sigh. 

Here's another set of bookmarks..this one is full of elephants!  I loved dressing these gal pals with little crochet accessories, 

...and now I'm waiting for the next idea to hit me...I think it's time for a trip to the refrig.


  1. thank you!! This is one of those projects that made me smile inside and out ~~

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  3. Really cute idea! I too am often making really cute stuff to sell at craft, but never end up using it for me. I have an idea that would suit you well (that I might try as well): an Origami Paper Doll style cloth bookmark... =)

  4. OH MY GOD..my heart skipped a beat at your great idea!...I am going to give this one serious thought...are you from Hawaii?