Monster fun

Click Clack Click Clack...a fun surprise will greet my nephews Dylan, Lincoln, and Poomai, when each opens his birthday envelope. 

I copied this idea from a project my son the cartoonist did.  That thing-a-ma-jig in the lower pic is made from a paper clip ( a large one ), a rubber band, and a small washer (about the size of a nickel).  The rubber band broke so I tied it to the clip for this pic but what you would do is to bend a loop on both ends of the paper clip to secure the rubber band.

Then the fun begins!  Twist the rubber band several times then carefully place the thing-a-ma-jig into the envelope (oh and don't forget the cash or little trinket) and seal.  When the envelope is opened the thing-a-jig will unwind to make a 'washer hitting paper' noise.  The kids will love this!

To decorate the envelope front, I simply cut out a monster shape from a transparency (the same way I make the kokeshi doll faces) and apply color using a rubber stamp pad and a dauber (the dauber works like a stenciling brush except that it's a sponge).  To finish, I cut out the eyes from felt and drew in the mouth with a sharpie pen.

I think my nephews will like this.

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