Linen : Friend or Foe

I decided once and for all that wrinkled linen is A-OK.  For a time; I searched the web for ways to minimize the wrinkles.  "There must be an ancient Chinese secret", I thought.  After all, look at the gorgeous linen pouches in the PilliPillihandmade etsy professional... so very pretty. sigh.  But alas, if there is a secret, the Chinese probably hid it somewhere in the Great Wall because I can't find one. double sigh.

So I abandoned my quest with this conclusion : 'hey, linen with it'.  Instilled with this philosophy on linen, I released myself from comparing my projects with others and feeling that I suck.

The one thing I do when working with linen is to add an iron-on interfacing before I cut out a piece.  This helps with minimizing the fraying and more importantly to give the fabric a means to hold itself nicely together to avoid ending up with a parallelogram when cutting a rectangle.  Wrinkles? .. yup, still there.

Okay, enough with linen talk....I'm so excited to show you my latest project....EMBROIDERED fabric house tags.... I just LOVE them!

this is the front

..and this is the back (or inside the house)

The embroidery is all free hand.  I'm not to type to have a detailed plan of my projects...I kind of just 'do' as it goes along.

Here's the second one ..


and inside the house
I like it when a project makes me smile inside and out.  I can't wait to see what the next house will be! 

These two will be in my etsy shop...

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