I love Martha

I wish I lived next door to Martha.  I would go through her trash can to find any craft leftovers...Trash and Treasure of the Martha-kind. How's that for a recycle, reuse, re-something ( I can never remember the 3rd 're')?

I should stop dreaming now and show the button ornaments I made a couple of years ago after seeing a how to on Martha's website.

How fun are these for an ornament exchange or for gifts?  The best part is that these cuties are easy and quick to make.  This is one of those projects where you use a basic technique to create something wonderful out of something ordinary. So turn on that Christmas music, make a cup of hot cocoa or frozen hot cocoa (Serendipity style), and simply enjoy.

What you say?  Oh, it's October.  Please bookmark this posting and read it again in November.  hah.

Tips ~ Find buttons with BIG holes that the pipe cleaners will fit through.  Use wooden beads in addition to buttons to dress up your ornaments.


  1. those are very cute. I haven't seen them before, I guess I need to keep closer track of Martha.

  2. Hi ! It's fun to see what folks do with buttons...bracelets, rings, garlands, ornaments, flowers....I definitely need to get myself more buttons!...

  3. I am so happy I happened upon this post! I made a few of the button snowmen ornaments, and I am trying the Santa ornament next. :) Thank you!

  4. Hi Jessica ~~ I am so happy you found this post :o) MERRY CHRISTMAS, kat