I am a Pop Tart Addict

I love pop tarts.  I eat one almost every morning for breakfast.  The other morning started as most mornings as I woke up looking forward to my favorite eats.  After going through my morning beauty routine, I headed into the kitchen, opened the cupboard, then another, then another....waahhh, what happened to my pop tarts!??!  That was 2 days ago. I found my pop tarts today.  Don't ask. Let me just say this, 'no, the pop tarts were not under my pillow'.

I'm a crafter so an empty box is not just an empty box but a future project.  Today, I share with you a bird ornament using my pop tart box.  The best part of this project is NO SEWING.   The bad part is that you'll end up with gooey gluey fingers.

Okay, let's get started...

Step 1 : Get your pop tart box. Empty the box and send me the pop tarts.

Step 2 :  Cut out 2 ovals.  Here's a template if you need it.  Place one oval aside for the ornament backing.  Cut the remaining oval in 3 pieces as shown below.  Discard the bottom tip.

Step 3 :  Cut out batting or flannel for the 2 pieces. Cut the bottom tip off the oval that was set aside.

Step 4 :  Pick lovely fabrics from your scraps.  Trim to the same shape as your pattern pieces with a 1/2" - 3/4" allowance.

Step 5 :  Add glue to the back of a bird cage piece.  Tightly pull fabric over the edge and to the back.
( Use a tacky glue such as Aeleene's glue )  Repeat for remaining pieces.

Step 6 :  Cut the bird out of felt.  Give your bird an eye.  I used a small french knot but beady eyes, button, or felt eyes will work too.  Glue your bird to her cage.  Cut rick rack in a length where you can wrap it around 3 times the bird cage with a bit extra.  Add glue to your rick rack (not the entire length, just enough to fit the front).  Starting wrapping the rick rack from the center; leaving a 1 1/2" - 2" tail.   Tightly tug at the rick rack from both ends as a way to smash the rick rack against the bird and bird cage until the glue dries.

Step 7 : Adding glue to another third of the rick rack to the right of the middle.  Glue another portion of the rick rack, then wrap to the left of the middle.  Then to finish this step, glue the 2 rick rack ends to the back.

Step 8 :  I sewed a bead hanger thingy (in above pic).  This is another step where you can do what's comfortable for you.  Sew a loop with the same rick rack, a cord, or ribbon.

Step 9 :  Putting it all together ~ Glue bird cage pieces to the backing.  It's okay to be done at this point or embellish, embellish, embellish.

Post Note : I didn't have a tacky glue on hand so I had a really difficult time using my paper glue (yes, I should know better) for the rick rack and pom pom garland.  I ended up tacking the pom pom garland with a few stitches in the back.  This project is a quick project but the gooey gluey fingers were not fun to deal with.  I'm thinking that the fabric pieces could be attached to the 'box' with a simple gathering stitch. Will this work?

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