The Slap Myself Silly So Simple Fabric House Ornament

Hello.  Today I wanted to share my love ... love ... love for fabric house ornaments and my love for Milk Duds. I tried my hand at one a few months ago but gave up on the little pieces in the pattern.  I was thinking on it again when I realized all that's needed is 2 pieces of fabric! So simple.

Ready? ...

I always cut out a paper pattern first, even for things using simple shapes.  The pattern saves a lot of time when cutting multiples and for keeping fabric pieces as straight as humanly possible.

I write my instructions on the pattern...see all my scribbles?  And although the ornament is made from 2 fabric pieces, I simply cut out one paper pattern and fold it on the cutting line for the roof or house before placing on the fabric. (The paper pattern is 6" wide x 5 3/4" high....p.s. don't pay any attention to numbers in the pic..heh)

Step 1 : Cut fabric pieces.  I have 3 patterns in different sizes.  This is my small house. So feel free to make your house fat, skinny, tall, or short.

  • Roof = 6" (length) x 2 3/4" (high)
  • House = 6" (length) x 3 1/4" (high)


Step 2 :  Add any embellishments such as windows or doors at this point if you wish.  Fold in half and sew center back seam (sewing seams = 1/4")

Step 3 :  Center the back seam in the back of the ornament. This of course, is not can simply leave the seam on the side.

Step 4 : Fold the house in half to find the center. Make a mark 3/8" from the top. Draw sewing lines for the roof as shown in the pic. ( Feel free to change up the shape of the roof )

Step 5 :  Add a cord for hanging, baste in place.  (After sewing the house, I decided to use a black ribbon attached with a button to replace the tie in the pic)

Step 6 : Sew roof lines, trim excess fabric.  Turn house inside out.

Step 7 :  Stuff or not (another option is to cut flannel or batting the shape of the house, place inside, then sew the closing)  Sew bottom closed using a ladder stitch, embroidery, or gathered.  I gathered the bottom to give the house a rounder look. I like it. Decorate. Tada!
A word on the embellishments..I attached the felt door at the end, which was a little difficult but doable. 

My son took one look at the house and asked...did you stuff it with candy?  Can you make me 8 of them for Halloween?  Oh yeah...this little pattern is very versatile! I plan to leave an opening in the back / side seam to stuff the house with candy and use ribbons or cords to close the gap.  What fun!

...and just think of the possibilities with this 'pattern'... house pot holders, house place mats, house pillows, house bookmarks, house sachets, house pin cushions, house tags ... and of course it should go without CHRISTMAS ornaments!



  1. Super Cute! :D
    And it does look versitaile
    I imagine a ton of this hanging up outside in a tree or along our roof.
    Fall's the best time of year! <3
    I love it!

  2. Hi Taleena ~~ Oh, please send me a pic of any house ornaments you make ! enjoy, kat