Rubber Stamp Carving : What a BIG FAT Mess

Welcome folks to my gallery of rubber stamp carving fiasco.  Starting from the lower right corner is my dog who later gave up his life to his fellow rubber stamp the little sheep in the middle who ended up with no legs.  After a couple carvings, I had the brilliant idea of using a cookie cutter to imprint the design.  But that idea sucked.  Oh having failed attempts pushed me to try something not easier..but harder..why? I don't brain is whacked is all I know. 

I was drawn to this girl and her bird. Cute but oh so difficult. Carving her and the bird was like performing surgery!  Just look at all these tools and eraser guts!
I carved and carved and carved.  Along the way, the bird lost parts of his wings, feet, eyes..then the girl lost part of her feet, nose, and lips.  Poor things.

Carving tools were stored until one day my inner resolved returned for another attempt.  And I'm happy it did!

 I simply love..LovE...LOVE my little scottie dog and kokeshi dolls.  What you say?  No eyes?  Haha. The carvings are still a bit rough but I'm ecstatic that after countless carvings, these stamps are half way decent. 

The carving tools are once again stored until...I feel the urge to make another big fat mess.


  1. Your successes are so lovely! I know that I would be chopping off heads arms and legs if I tried carving, it is a tricky thing!

  2. Hi Kerry ~ thank you for being so kind..I wasted sooo much rubber just to get the few usable pieces but it was alllll fun! kat

  3. i think you did fine on your rubber stamp adventures!! you could always draw in things that get chopped off ;)
    where did you get those tools? i've been wanting some lately. i'm tired of my x-acto knife...

  4. Hi Joyce !
    I think I got a package of tools from Walmart which is like a 5 minute drive from my house! And I got another set that uses interchangeable tips from a local art store, Hawaiian Graphics. Not sure where you live but some place like Dick Blick (brick & mortar or online stores) is a good start to check. THANKS for the tip on how to fix my rubber stamp mess ups!! kat