My Favorite Party Favor "Box"

A baby's first birthday is a BIG deal in Hawaii.  Many celebrate the event with HUGE birthday parties.  Not to be outdone, my little nephew Riley, celebrated his day with about 350 guests! Oh yeah...his party gang was more than mom and dad's wedding.

And guess who volunteered to do the favors??!?... yes, crazy me.

But not to worry. For Riley's party I turned to my favorite party favor; aka: the sour cream box favor.  This favor box is usually made with paper but the use of a photo makes this favor very economical.

Riley's birthday theme was Where the Wild Things Are.

The How: I found a picture of the King on the net (a thousand apologies to the artist) and with free scrapbooking downloads (, I created a 'picture' in Photoshop Elements. Photo printing at Walmart ranges 9 to 18 cents a photo. (Note: Photo developers will not print any photos using a commercial picture; hence I had to find one that was not from the movie or book).

Too much work? .. a fabulous photo is really all you need.  

With all the supplies and the chocolate macadamia nut HERSHEY KISSES (a special make for Hawaii), the favors' cost was a mere $100! ... Not bad for 350 favors.

The simplicity of this box makes it perfect for thank yous, 'birthday cards', and gift boxes.  

a photo box with my friend's cute kids

thank you photo box : scanned paper : stamped bird
gift box made with cardstock
Simple Construction:
  • Start with a rectangle (photo, design paper)
  • Apply double stick tape as follows :  Tip: Use a really good tape like SCOR tape to prevent box from splitting open.

  • Fold sides as follows : 
photo taken at a SF craft fair  

press bottom edges together

press top edges together to form a triangle
  • If you have a paper crimper tool, go ahead and crimp the top and bottom edges
  • Take your box to the next level with embellishments.  With a simple google search you'll find a lot of ideas from paper crafters turning this simple box into a work of "oohs and aahs". 

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