How to Make a Kinda Sorta Simple Cell Phone Pouch

See the end of this post for other options for straps & closures

I confess... I'm guilty of tossing my cell phone into the depths of my handbag.  I end up cursing myself each time the the phone rings and my hand is forced into a frenzied search feeling for anything resembling a phone.

This seems silly I know.  After all, I've made pouches before.  But none for me.  Is this common for most crafters?  But this changed for me with this kinda sorta simple cell phone pouch.

Here goes ....

Step 1
  • Cut Main Fabric - 8" (length) x 4 1/2" (h) & Cut interfacing 7 1/2" (l)  x 4" (h)
  • Cut Lining Fabric - same size as Main Fabric (no interfacing)
  • Cut Top Fabric - 8" (l) x 3" (h) & Cut interfacing 7 1/2" (l)  x 2 1/2" (h)
  • Optional : Cut Strap - 11" (l) x 2" (h) & Cut interfacing 11" (l) x 1" (h) + You'll need hardware such as clasps and ring + 2 small buttons
  • Fuse interfacing to your fabric pieces according to manufacturer's instructions.  For strap, place interfacing in center of fabric.
Step 2
  • Note : Sewing seams = 1/4"
  • Pin and sew fabric as show in picture below

Step 3
  • Fold piece in half and pin sides and bottom
  • Sew all 3 edges; ; leaving a 2" gap on bottom of lining
  • Box corners (optional) - 1/2"
Step 4
  • Turn inside out through gap
  • Sew gap close (machine sew or hand sew with overcast stitches or ladder stitch)
Step 5
  • Push the lining inside of the pouch; including approximately half of the top fabric
  • Press your pouch...and that's it
  • BUT wait....there's more if you dare
Finished size : Approximately 3 1/2" (w) x 4 3/4" (h)
 If you want to add straps :
  • Fold strap fabric in half, press. Open, then fold each side towards pressed center line. Fold over. Top stitch.
Straps - Pic is from another project

  • Cut a 2 1/2" piece from strap
  • Add ring and hand sew to hide raw edges. ( I chose to hand sew straps because the machine sewing was too challenging for my sewing skills ! )
  • For machine sewing - Add ring, fold straps in half. Place raw edges about 3/8" from top of pouch. Sew 1/4" from raw edge.  Fold strap up so that the ring is now facing above the top edge of the pouch and raw edge is hidden behind the strap. Pin in place. You will later do a top stitch along the top edge of the pouch. This will secure the strap in place.

  •  Add swivel clasp to long strap piece. Push to one end of strap.  Fold over about 1".  Fold over to hide raw edge.  Top stitch in 2 places to secure clasp. ( I stitch over the strap then back stitch over the same sewing line to secure ). 
  • Hand stitch the opposite end to hide raw edge. 
  • For Machine stitching. Follow same instructions as short edge.  Before sewing, check to see that the strap is facing the correct way on your pouch. Finish the machine sewing method with a top stitch along the top edge of the pouch.

To finish straps the hand sewing method
  • Place the straps inside the pouch. Use the eyeball method for placement. 
  • Secure the straps in place with a button on each side  (this is the method I chose)

.... and there you have it ... was that easy or hard??

Other options
  • Instead of adding the straps to the sides, you can add to the center of the pouch.  To do this -
  1. Prepare your straps
  2. Find the middle of the front and back of the pouch. Do this carefully
  3. Pin long strap to one side in between the main fabric and top fabric. Place right side of strap to right side of main fabric. Check placement before sewing.
  4. Pin short strap to the other side
  5. Sew in place as you sew fabric pieces together
  6. You can leave as is or if you want to, add buttons or bows, etc to further secure straps to pouch. 
  7. P.S. I made this up so change it up to fit your style
  • Another option is to add a button closure by sewing a loop on one side and sewing a button on the other side.  You can secure the loop between the main fabric and top fabric in step 2.  Just be careful not to make too short of a loop. Otherwise the loop will smash the top of the pouch when secured to the button
  1. new type of handles
  2. simple loop style
This pouch will be going into my  happyhappydiy etsy shop....Oh, and yes, I did make one for my phone...hooray!

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  1. Very cute, I like the buttons and that was a very creative way to attach the handle:)