Kokeshi Doll

 I made this doll for an esty customer.  Etsy custom orders are not offered at the moment but I have difficulty with saying 'no' and really, I don't mind. This doll came to life after three or four prototypes, playing with different shapes and her face. There were times when I thought I would give up.  But at the moment it all came together, I was so happy...and relieved.  Working on custom orders forces me to focus and complete a design. I routinely fleet from one project to another, leaving disappointments unfinished instead of persevering. As I 'speak' there is a pouch lying lifeless on my table after fussing with it for hours.  I might try to revive it tomorrow or toss it.

I'll have to make couple for the shop for sure.  But I dread crocheting more of these thread flowers!!

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