Zakka Inspired Phone Cozy

I have a headache.  I've had one for three days now.  Either it's the change in weather, so hot and humid, or I've overloaded on too much caffeine with gallons of diet cokes, or possibly trying way too hard to come up with another project.  Sadly, I don't have not much to show after spending hours in my craft room.  Times like this make me question why am I crafting to sell when it's such a daunting thing to do?  Do I really need to blog or have an etsy shop?  I could be doing something else with my, my kids are grown so they don't need me to feed and bathe them any more, I don't have grand kids so no babysitting for me, and the closest thing I have for a pet is my hubby. 

When I start doubting myself, it only takes a few moments to remember that crafting is what I do.  Feeling 'angst' is part of my creative process.  The anxiety sends me to seek quiet time.  Today, my quiet time was lunching at Taco Bell.  An idea for a new coin purse came out of nowhere.  As soon as I got home, I started to figure out the pattern and mechanics of sewing it together.  It may work or may not but it's's what I do.
But for now, I leave you with two cozies I made awhile back, inspired by embroidery designs from a Japanese craft book.

 Inspiration Picture from Japanese Craft Book

Completed Zakka Inspired Phone Cozy

For this cozy, I wanted to add more texture to the embroidered pig by crocheting a hat, scarf, and his nose. So cute.  I'm going to have to make this guy again. 

And here's another : 
  Inspiration Picture from Japanese Craft Book

Completed Zakka Inspired Phone Cozy

For this cozy, the umbrellas are embroidered instead of using fabric as in the inspiration picture.  I recall having issues with transferring the pattern ... not sure what I ended up doing but it looked like it worked! 

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  1. When I have an idea for something and I start planning everything in my head, it pretty much takes over everything else. I love that! Are you the same?