ohhh...I have a new face...

No not MY face...although with the amount of miracle creams and damaged control facial products in my bathroom cabinet...one would think I would have a brand new face (within 30 days and a manufacturer's guarantee) that is as smooth as a baby's bottom..."wanna" feel my face?  heh.

What I do have is a lovely new stenciled Japanese doll face with brown hair, stitched on eyelashes, and teeny tiny heart shaped mouth.  Very Kawaii.

Here is a sneak peek of my new doll face....soon to be in my etsy store....

This sewing project appeared to be simple at first.  I, however, would like to disclaim that for it took quite a bit of time to put together; accompanied by many a needle stabbing!  ITAI : OUCH ! The face and felt pieces are adhered to the fabric with the ultrahold Heat n Bond, which apparently is, as my fingers will attest to, very difficult to sew through.  I guess one should pay attention to the instructions or suffer the consequences. sigh.

I decided on BUNKA Doll Face for the name....but it's not really a BUNKA so I hope true BUNKA fans are not whirled into a tizzy about this...

What does a BUNKA doll look like you ask?  Here it is a very kawaii BUNKA doll sewn by Runo of the Nuno Life Blog.


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  1. They are pokes of honour! To create pretty things we must endure them :P