Kawaii Origami Strawberry Box

I love fresh strawberries, plain with no fussy chocolate or sugar coatings.  Living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean one can only dream to find a basketful of sweet, tender strawberries ... without blowing the family budget.  So in our backyard is a small pot with lovely, healthy strawberry plants.  The problem?  Something was eating my strawberries! Hubby thinks the culprit is a lizard playing in the plants.  Really? Do lizards eat strawberries?  Oh, but I'm okay with sharing my strawberries with another strawberry lover...whatever it was.

Fresh strawberries stirred my memories of these kawaii origami strawberry boxes.  Make the boxes for party favors then sit back to take in the oooohs and ahhhhs from your friends and family.  Fill them with candy, trinkets, love notes, phone charms, or that special gift  ...

Here is my pattern with notes

Here are some tips:

~ Change up the size to make teeny tiny strawberries or make a larger box to fit that perfect gift
~ Change up the paper design, texture, and design to fit the theme
~ Use a strong double sided tape to prevent the strawberry from splitting open



  1. thanks! let me know if you give it a try...enjoy

  2. this is so cute. But your pattern link is not working :(

  3. This is adorable!! I am absolutely going to use your pattern for a swap I am doing! Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!

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