Everything Japanese

I was beyond happy with dreams of being a tourist in Japan coming true.  Japan was as beautiful as imagined, especially with blooming cherry blossom trees everywhere.

I am desperate to return; to perhaps take better photos!  I drop BIG hints to hubby but he's not too excited that my desperation to get back to Japan is to SHOP. On our trip we were part of a tour group with a fairly regimented schedule.  The rest stations for bus groups were our major shopping stops, squeezed in with visits to the restrooms and eating lunch.  But the major bummer was...NO FABRICS.

So I want us to return solo.

My hubby is worried about the language barrier although I know a little Japanese; having attended Japanese language school as a kid and later taking classes in high school.  I feel well equipped with knowing how to say  ~ "amerika oteraii arimasu ka?" : "Is there an American style toilet here?".  No other words are as important.

For now, let's craft Japanese. Here is a Japanese Slipper box for you to try.

The pattern is here with the instructions.  

Tips ~
  • Use printed cardstock to fit your theme
  • If you can't find your favorite design on card stock, copy or scan gift wrap paper, origami, magazine print, etc. onto white card stock
  • Scoring is to create a line or depression in the card stock to make a 'cleaner' fold.  You can use a dull butter knife, edge of a bone folder, stylus or something similar. 
  • The pattern uses ribbon for the straps but I used cord. Either one works fine. 
If you have any questions...just let me know. I'll be more than happy to help out. 



  1. Thats too funny :) My spouse and I want to visit Japan someday. But until then we paid a visit to San Francisco last year for the first time! Now I want to visit again to stay in Japan town, explore it more and.... shop *laugh* Honestly, it was such a fun trip and weather held otu for us. And a 6 hour flight is much better then one to Japan which I hear takes 14 from N.C.( oh goodness!)

  2. i am interested in making the slipper box. would you be so kind to email me instructions? email address afranco671@gmail.com

  3. hello, are precious ... try to enter the tutorial but it says that there is an error, could you pass me the tutorial to my email please .. niavill-@hotmail.com thank you very much