Zakka Inspired Rabbit Bag Tutorial - Sewing

I love bagels...toasted and lathered with cream cheese...hmmm...  It's a rare that I savor when I indulge.  I had one today.  It was a quiet moment...just me and the bagel.  It's the same feeling I get when I craft...working on projects that make me smile...inside and out. this here Zakka Inspired Rabbit Bag….here is a step by step tutorial on the fun part ... having a 'bagel' moment....

Step 1 :  Prepare Front of Bag

Cut pieces for front of bag
1 top border and1 face

Optional : If you’d like to, go ahead and use an interfacing of your choice to add more body to your fabric. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Sew top and face pieces together with ¼” seam (or ½” seam ~ your choice)

Step 2 : Prepare Face

Take your paper pattern and open it so that you see the full pattern.
Lay the pattern on top of the fabric face, mark the eyes and nose with fabric markers.

Sew on buttons for eyes or embroider with your favorite stitch.  Embroider then nose with satin stitch and the ‘mouth’ area with a straight stitch.  (Use 3 strands)

Tip :  I placed a piece of fabric on the wrong side to provide stronger support for the button.  To prevent the knot from falling through the fabrics, secure the thread as shown in the picture below.

For the ears: Iron on fusible web.  Secure edges with blanket embroidery stitch using 3 strands.
Add other embellishments : flowers, ribbons, buttons

Please note in the picture that I stitched around the linen to stop the edges from fraying.

Step 3 : Prepare Bag Back

Cut fabric for back.  You have two choices here : a) use the same pattern pieces as for the front or b) use the sewn front piece as the pattern  to cut one piece of fabric for the back.  For option (a), sew the two pieces together as done for the front. I used option (b).

Pin right sides together (front and back of bag),  sew completely around except for top edges (bag opening).  Carefully clip curved edges. Set aside.

Step 4 : Prepare Lining

Next cut 2 fabric pieces for the lining using the back piece.  Pin right sides together, leaving a 2” opening on the bottom for turning the bag inside out later.

Sew lining together except for opening.  Set aside.

Step 5 : Prepare Strap

Cut strap 36” long by 3” wide. 
Option: If using interfacing, cut 1.4" x 36".  Attach to fabric accordingly with manufacturer’s instructions.

Fold in half, right sides together, sew raw edges together.  Turn strap inside out.  Press flat with sewing seam in the middle of the strap.

Add top stitching along left and right edges.

Step 6: Attach strap to body of bag

Pin top raw edge of strap to top edge of bag; aligning middle of strap to side seam of body of bag. Do for both ends of strap; being careful not to twist strap.  Secure strap with extra pins or with baste stitch.   Set aside.

Step 7 : The Finish Line

With right sides together, place the rabbit bag inside the lining pouch, matching the sides seams and pin along top edges.  Carefully stuff / roll the strap into the lining.  Sew around top edges.  ( I like to use ½” seam around the top edge to assure the straps are well secured to the body.  To further secure, sew go back and sew over straps).

Pull the rabbit bag and straps out of the lining through the 2” bottom opening.  Sew the opening close (sew close with by machine sewing along the edge or hand stitch with a ladder stitch, a embroidery whip stitch or a stitch of your choice.

Press. Sit back and smile...

Please send me a note on any questions…I’d love to help.


  1. I just discovered your website, I am in love!! This bag is adorable! I am saving it to my "things I must make" list!

  2. Hi Liz ~~ thank you sooo much...I love this bag too! You'll be surprise how quickly it comes together...have fun with it!

  3. Thanks for this tutorial! I made your bunny bag as a birthday gift for a little girl. It turned out great and was a big hit! (If you want to take a peek at it, there's a picture posted at