Zakka Inspired Rabbit Bag Tutorial - The Pattern

I never thought of myself as a procrastinator but truth be told sometimes I move awfully s-l-o-o-o-w.  After 2 years since reserving a name for an etsy shop, I finally started to stock the shop with handmade goodies.  But getting to this point was an inner struggle.  I spent hours in my craft room … experimenting with cross stitching, embroidery, paper crafts, sewing, crocheting, carving rubber stamps … only to emerge with NOTHING.  I was dissatisfied with everything I made.  I was trying too hard….losing myself to the pressure of self doubt…to the fear of whether folks would like what I make…whether my hand work was good enough.

It was sooo very frustrating but a funny thing happened on the way to etsy ….. I was really enjoying the process of creating.   There was a moment when I was carving yet another stamp that would eventually end up in the trash can, when I lifted my head, looked at my hubby and said … “This is really fun”.   To be in the moment …. absorbed in the process of making … whacking my fear with  a mallot whenever it pops up in my head … this is what being out there is all about isn’t it? 

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Then a miracle happened…I started to like what I made…the kokeshi doll crochet hook cozy, the funky zipper pouches…and this adorable zakka inspired rabbit pouch.  I finally found my craft groove.  Give Up??? Not Yet…Not Me

Zakka Inspired Rabbit Bag

The inspiration for this Rabbit Bag is this here pic.  How could I resist making one?  Oh the pattern of course is in Japanese and is so teeny tiny that to get it to human size requires a 500% increase! 
Rabbit Bag Inspiration

Part I of this tutorial is focused on how to put the pattern together.   The pattern includes a ¼” sewing seam.  You can also use a ½” sewing seam but of course the bag will be smaller.  No hard fast rules here.

Fold a 8 ½” x 11” paper in half, width-wise.
Tip :  Using graph paper makes drawing straight lines with less measuring.
Tip :  Working the pattern in half mirrors the left and right sides and helps in later steps for eyes and nose placement.

After folding your paper in half, mark lines : 8 ½” long x 3 1/8” wide.

Find a round template to make the rounded corner for the rabbit’s face.  This cover has served me well in pattern making!

Mark 2 ½” from the top.  This will become the pattern for the top fabric border. Mark 2 1/8” from the bottom to give a guide for face placement.
Mark the eye ( a little dot for button placement) and nose (drawing half of the nose on fold). The only consideration here is to keep the eyes and nose away from the ¼” sewing seam.

Cut  out your pattern.  Cut the top for the border pattern. Draw a pattern for the ears and cut.

Hang on …. Just one more step

Cut out the nose. Pierce a hole for the eyes.  You will be using a marker to mark the eye placement on the fabric through this hole in the pattern. 

Tip : This is where working on half a pattern helps.  Doing it this way assures the both eyes will be in the same position on the face.

Ta da…now we’re ready to move to the next tutorial on how to put this bag together.  So off with you … find your fav fabrics, embroidery threads, buttons, and knick knacks to make this bag your own!

May your pattern feel as much love as my beat up pattern.


  1. Looks soooo great gonna try this!!!!

  2. Oh, you're going to fall in love with this rabbit bag! and the best part is that it's pretty simple to put together...enjoy, kat