When I Grow UP

I heart my blog design…  it's more than I could have imagined … on first peek, giddiness tickled my insides ... I must have looked at it every time I powered up my PC and IPOD ... it makes me happy

The designer?  My very own son.  How lucky am I?

Aaron is a cartoonist/ artist / designer.  He is one those lucky few born with a passion.  

My friend once shared her definition of passion : It is something out of abandonment of obligations…of what others think.  It is something that makes your soul sing.  It is beyond yourself.  It is something that drives you to take risks…to grow. It is God’s will.

Aaron’s journal entry at 10 years old

Aaron is pursuing his passion….a journey full of stops and turns… a journey that has created a circle of friends that is forever growing wide and deep … a journey filled with life experiences … a journey that has landed him in one of the most beautiful cities: San Francisco … a journey that I hope, as a mom, will make his soul sing.

THANKS SON for a beautiful website!!!

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