Kokeshi Doll Face Tutorial

I agonize over crafting ideas ... on how to transform each from a visual picture in my brain into an actual replica with fabrics and threads.

This is how it was with the Kokeshi Doll Crochet Hook cozy.  Every moment I could was spent on engineering the pattern and techniques.  The best times of enlightenment came just before I fell asleep or when I stepped away from my project table for a pee break or snack break.

Now I am happy to share with you the technique used for the Kokeshi doll face.

Only a few supplies are required : A transparency, fabric stamping inks, scissors, hole puncher, sponge daubers, cotton fabric (or muslin, canvas, etc.), Sharpie pen, and an iron.

Step 1 : Find a circle template for the doll's face.  It can be any size (or shape) that you want.  Place your template on the transparency and trace with a Sharpie pen.

Step 2 :  Draw in the doll's hair and eyes.

Step 3 : Cut out the space for the hair by first cutting a slit anywhere in the hair area.  This step is simply to open up a space for the scissors.  Follow the lines to cut out the hair area. 

Note: I added couple of triangle spaces to create the 'bangs'.

Step 4 : Punching out the eyes was the most challenging step.  While doing this tutorial I found a much better way than my previous attempts.  Punch a hole on an extra piece of transparency...that's it.  How simple instead of trying to punch a hole where no standard hole puncher would go.  The best part?  You can change up the eyes using a punched out heart or star!!

Step 5 :  Place the face template on a piece of cotton fabric (or a fabric of your choice). Stencil the hair and eyes using your sponge daubers and fabric inks : Black ink for the hair and brown for the eyes.

To do this step, press your dauber into the ink pad then add the color on the fabric using an up and down motion to transfer the color from the dauber onto the fabric.  Do this for the hair and eyes.

Step 6 :  Partially lift up the transparency to check for ink coverage before removing the transparency.

Step 7 : Add the doll's cheeks by using a sponge dauber with pink ink and press once, straight down onto the face. You might want to practice on a piece of paper before applying the rosy cheeks to the kokeshi doll face.

Step 8 : Press with a dry iron to set colors.  And there you have it ... enjoy.  Send me pics of your doll faces !


  1. Thank you! Its very cute and your tutorial is very easy to understand.

  2. Hi There ~~ I'm so happy that you like this tutorial. I like sharing what I learn along the way on my craft journey. Give a holler if you have a question....enjoy. kat

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