Dare to be Me

There is this particular moment in time when I learned something about myself … through the eyes of a friend.  Our company celebrated a move into a new building with a token gift.  Employees had a choice between a glass coffee mug or a glass candy jar, both bearing a picture of the building.  Most of my coworkers chose the mug, I chose the candy jar.  Seemed like a harmless decision…nothing soul wrenching about it…until my friend observed … “you always have to be different”.  What the #$@@??  Excuse me but I don’t drink coffee…

Oh yeah, my feelings were hurt….But why?…simply put, the truth stung.  And although that moment happened over 20 years ago…it is still with me.

I think about my friend and what she said every time I feel the need to be DIFFERENT….

I wanted to make a crochet hook cozy for my etsy shop.  Prototypes : a jelly roll version and a book style version.  I stared at them for a long time…even when I wasn't looking at them, I was still staring at them in my head on my morning walks, before falling asleep...waiting for my craft senses to kick in…like “oh that’s cute”…or “oh, I’m loving these”… or “ oh yeah, your mama would be proud”… Alas, they looked like every other cozy out there…well, not as nice but still with the same ‘look and feel’.  So I thought really hard about how to make one that was DIFFERENT.  Oh yes, here it is 20+ years later and I’m still feeling the sting. 

But out of my quirk…came this zakka inspired crochet hook cozy.

Zakka Inspired Kokeshi Doll Crochet Hook Cozy

 Oh yeah, I’m loving my kokeshi doll.  The inspiration? … a little sticker here that’s so cute !
Zakka Inspiration

 So my dear readers….lesson learned … Cat Stevens (Harold and Maude) : “Well, if you want to sing out, sing out. And if you want to be free, be free. ‘Cuz there’s a million things to be.  You know that they are”

P.S. If you’re looking around for the Rabbit Pouch tutorial…it’s coming!

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